COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Legal Options

The “novel coronavirus” (COVID-19) pandemic has not only changed New Hampshire and Massachusetts, it has also changed our entire world as we have known it. Our personal and professional lives have been or will be impacted by means seemingly beyond anyone’s control. But being the victim of random bad luck might not be accurate. You may have legal recourse. It is very possible that if you or a loved one have been harmed by the ravages of COVID-19 as a consumer, an employee, a renter, a tenant, a homeowner, a driver, a passenger, assisted living patient, or any other situation, you may have the right to bring one or more of the following legal claims:

  • Negligence

    As of the posting of this webpage, determining if the inactions of others to take precautions when they knew or should have known that you or a loved one could have been exposed to COVID 19 is still being developed. However, anyone that has caught the coronavirus and suffered permanent or temporary personal injury, economic harm such as losing a job, or has incurred medical bills, whether or not there was medical insurance coverage, or if you know of anyone that has died because of their contracting the coronavirus, you should call Buckley Law Offices to discuss the possibility of having a claim to be made.

  • Workplace Exposure

    At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, every state designated what industries were considered “essential”. Healthcare professionals and grocery store employees were placed on the frontlines and are rightfully being called heroes. However, what precautions did essential businesses take to protect their vital employees, if any? What directives were given, if any? What protective gear was provided, if any?
    Related to the workplace is the commercial space where you work. Commercial property owners and property managers may have not promptly acted to keep their facility sanitary or provided timely information or directives to limit access to their building allowing for coronavirus transmission.
    Like the area of negligence discussed above, the subject of proper measures being taken to minimize the potential for COVID-19 exposure in the workplace will have to be taken on a case- by-case basis. If you, or someone you know, have possibly been infected by the coronavirus in the workplace, call Buckley Law Offices to discuss the matter confidentially.

  • Business Interruption Insurance

    Are you a business owner that has had to close because of state mandated orders to do so because you were not considered an essential business? Did you have business interruption insurance coverage to pay for the business expenses you are now unable to pay because of the mandatory shutdown? Have you made a claim against your insurance company only to be told that your business interruption insurance does not cover the COVID-19 pandemic? If your business was ordered to close and you made a claim on your business interruption policy but it was denied, call Buckley Law Offices to review your policy. You very well might have a claim that should be paid.

  • Inability to Pay Bills

    The emergency orders imposed by all 50 states and the federal government requiring non- essential employees to remain at home to limit the exposure of COVID-19 has devastated the economy. In a matter of 60 days, over 22 million workers were caused to become unemployed. Financially responsible people who have paid their bills on time are now being faced with having an inability to pay their mortgage, their rent, or their car payment. While that sudden realization is frightening and not knowing what to do may cause you to panic, do not act impulsively to pay your debts by taking credit card advancements; do not apply for “payday” loans; do not apply for “title” loans; and do not borrow against your 401(k) or other retirement funds. Doing so is an ineffective short-term solution to what may be a long-term problem. You have better choices available to you. Whether you think you are facing foreclosure, eviction, or bankruptcy due to the effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on your personal finances, call Buckley Law Offices of Nashua New Hampshire to discuss your economically responsible options. Buckley Law Offices is available to answer the questions you have about your COVID-19 rights as well as other legal matters. Please call us at 603-595-8801.

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