Need help to stop repossession of your motor vehicle?

Has your bank or lender notified you that it plans to repossess your car, boat or other vehicle because you have been unable to make your payments as and when due? There are effective options available to you to prevent repossession, and you need help from a knowledgeable attorney to get this situation under control.

Our team at Buckley Law Offices, P.C. has nearly 30 years of experience in the area of debt relief, bankruptcy, and the various alternatives to bankruptcy as well as in halting repossession actions. No matter the situation, it is very likely that we can implement a solution that will help you to avoid repossession of your car, truck, vehicle or any other possession you are purchasing over time.

Why should you work with an attorney?

In many cases, lenders will be more willing to negotiate with an attorney than with the borrower. You may have called your lender and tried to explain your situation with no positive results. If you have tried to work with a lender and failed, get in touch with our firm.

Lenders sit up and listen when our firm gets involved. It may be effective to file bankruptcy, based upon your circumstances. This will immediately stop all repossession actions, and allow us the time to help you get the situation sorted out with your lender, so you no longer are threatened with losing your vehicles or other items.

Make an Appointment with Our Office

Do you need to stop repossession of your vehicle? Call us today and we will get to work immediately. First, we evaluate your situation and advise you about what can be done to stop the threat of repossession. We know all of the strategies that work and will come up with a plan to help your situation. It will be a great relief to have an attorney who is genuinely on your side, and knows exactly what to do.

You can submit a free case evaluation form to get information fast, or contact us by phone if your situation is critical.

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