Attorney Buckley Can Protect Your Rights as a Father

In October 2013, the New Hampshire Supreme Court reversed an earlier family court ruling that terminated a father’s parental rights. The court’s decision established that New Hampshire prioritizes the preservation of family relationships and emphasizes the rights of a father to raise his child. This is good news for fathers in the state seeking to maintain relationships with their children even in the midst of a divorce.

At Buckley Law Offices, P.C., we aim to minimize the heartache of divorce by protecting your rights as a father and we aggressively pursue your best interests to help you succeed in court. Our attorneys with nearly 30 years of experience offer compassionate legal counsel to support you and your case will be managed with the highest level of professional skill.

Tips for Maintaining Parental Rights

Whether you are contemplating a divorce or already going through one and you wish to preserve your right as a father, the following factors should be borne in mind.

1. We advise against trying to handle your divorce case by yourself, especially if child custody or property division are issues to be resolved. An objective third party like our attorney can spare you the distress of trying to fight the sometimes painful tactics of the opposing side.

2. Be confident in your assertion that your rights and responsibilities as a father should continue after your divorce. Take pride in wanting to be involved in your child’s life because that positive attitude will be shown during the legal proceedings and demonstrate your love for your child.

3. If paternity becomes an issue, you should retain a qualified divorce attorney help you prove your case. The combination of our experienced legal support and advances in genetic technology will aid in establishing paternity even years after a child’s birth.

4. There may have been an earlier court ruling which favored the child’s mother over you and the circumstances which led to that decision may have changed. There might have been the emergence of new evidence after the initial divorce proceedings or your teenage kids might have decided they wish to have more time with their father as they grow up. We can help get your parental rights modified as these circumstances change. We will fight to restore your rights in situations where a prior ruling was unjust or simply needs updating.

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