When contemplating going through a divorce, you may begin to wonder what property will be legally yours. During the early stages of the divorce proceedings, the courts will assume that all assets are marital property and should be divided equally. You should note that in divorces cases, “equally” is not always measured monetarily and property ma not necessarily be divided 50/50. The courts may consider the following factors in the distribution of property:

  • Custody and care of any minor children
  • Each spouse’s occupation, career skills, health, age, and needs, as well as their ability to acquire income
  • Any action that contributed to the increase or decrease of property
  • Any action by one spouse to help develop the career of the other
  • Any action by either spouse that caused the failure of the marriage
  • Other relevant factors

If one spouse is found to be lacking from one of the above factors, the court may award more property to the other party or make an order for alimony.

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