We Work to Prove Negligence

Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition defines Negligence as the “failure to use such care as a reasonably prudent and careful person would use under similar circumstances.” Negligence may refer to recklessness or the failure to use a reasonable level of care. There are various circumstances in which one can be negligent, but in personal injury cases, Negligence refers to the actions of the person or entity that directly led to the personal injury of the victim. A successful personal injury claim requires the victim to prove that negligence was the cause of her injuries. If negligence can be proven, the victim may be compensated for damages. Our attorney can help you through a successful claim.

Proving negligence is often a difficult task. An injured party must carry out investigations in order to establish that the negligent party was responsible for the injuries. It is also the duty of the injured victim to secure competent legal representation such as can be obtained at Buckley Law Offices. With nearly 30 years of experience handling various personal injury claims resulting from negligence, we can confidently handle your case and prove that negligence was the cause of your injuries. Have you been injured? Do you believe that the party responsible for your injuries may have been negligent? Let us provide supportive counsel to you today. Take advantage of our free case evaluation to discuss your situation.

Contributory Negligence

Sometimes, the victim may have contributed to the cause of the accident or event that resulted in the injuries. In such a case, it is said that the victim was contributorily negligent. Sometimes, the victim’s contributory negligence may affect the recovery of damages. In New Hampshire, contributory negligence does not prevent the claimant from recovering damages if it is proven that the defendant’s negligence is greater than the claimant’s negligence. The amount of damages recovered, however, will likely be reduced depending on the level of negligence on the part of the claimant. A successful claimant who wishes to obtain sufficient damages will need to prove that the other party was wholly or more negligent. With the assistance of a member from our firm, you can successfully prove the negligence of the other party. Do not hesitate to contact Buckley Law Offices at your earliest convenience to obtain assistance from our personal injury attorney.

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